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A Question Of Courage By Spirited Lady.
Such a resourceful website this is for survivors with DID and professionals, who have DID clients, to turn to.
Anxiety, Panic, Anger, Stress.
JSunshine has put together an informative website for Anxiety Disorder. Symptoms and treatment are discussed.
Baby Simpson Poem.
After this lady's sister miscarried, Helen Appleton wrote this poem.
Bruce's Help Pages.
Featured here is his family pages, POW/MIA, medical, kids page, missing childen and more.
Caring Hearts Abuse Help.
Excellent resource for women and children. Offers a forum, testimonies and resources.
Cullens Guardian Angels.
While exploring the realm of guardian angels and the forms they take, Cullen shares not only his personal testimony about heart surgery, but also furnishes many others resources on both subjects.
Dreamer's Web.
2-grandchildren and her mother departed to heaven and this lady has created a beautiful web page that I'd encourage all, who're feeling a sense of loss now, to visit.
Gone From My Sight.
A shared booklet of comfort given to a lady when her father was in hospice.
Grief Recovery Online.
After losing her husband, this lady formed a grief support web site.
It's A Small World
This gentleman shares his journey in life and provides an excellent insight into damaged souls and why healing such is very important.
Karen's Fibromyalgia Page
Learn from a lady who knows first-hand about this information. A lot of very good resources.
Living With PTSD.
A former policeman provides insight and educational references to this condition. A very informative site.
Mr. Mom Homepages.
Having become disabled in the Vietnam War, this gentleman not only helps at home, but has formed web pages that seem to brighten the internet.
My Mama.
Alcohol abuse and it's potential consequences is shared on this page. The person wants to reach others before it's too late.
Patty Kelly's Breast Cancer Links.
Having faced breast cancer, this lady dedicated a page to the subject with helpful links.
Police Officers & PTSD.
The causes and effects of PTSD or discussed, as well as its impact on Law Enforcement. Excellent website.
Realm Of Angels By Carolyn's Universe.
After losing a 24-year old daughter, this lady has gone on to create a heart-warming and comforting page.
Renal Disease.
This young lady was diagnosed with renal disease. Read her story and how she is pushing forward with hope.
Sexual Abuse Survivors Web.
This lady authored the book, "The Invisible Child: Healing The Damage Of Childhood Sexual Abuse." She is an advocate and public speaker as well. Her website is dedicated to helping survivors and is quite informative for those who are supporters to survivors.
Survivors Community.
A safe place for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their healing journey.
Tears From A Mother's Heart.
A loving mother pays tribute to her son, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease.
The Dogghouse.
This guy has been in recovery for 4-years! He's created a website with AA recovery links, spiritual poems and more!
The State-The Orphanage-The Story By Roger Dean Kiser Sr.
This has a very compelling testimonial that can address many issues involved in being orphaned, in the care of a State and abused. The author has also completed a book.
There Is A Path To Surviving When Your Child Has Been Raped.
This is a nightmare that loving parents never want to face. Hear what transpired and how things were dealt with.
Wild Tigers Homepage.
This person has created peer advocacy with disability links for all ages.
World Of Pops
There's simply so many resources on this page for various matters, that I encourage you to visit and see for yourself!


A Recovery Bill of Rights
Defines personal authority, preservation, boundaries, communication and psychotherapeutic rights.
American Trauma Society.
Information, conferences, goals and mission are defined.
Anxiety Disorders Association Of America
301-231-9350 of Canada 877-308-3843.
Alzheimers Association.
Description of and information for coping.
Personality, intelligence and health-related tests. Learn more about yourself and grow.
Support website for those caring for the aging.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Promotes health and quality life by preventing and controlling disease, injury and disability
Deaf Directory
Resource for children of deaf adults.
Promotes awareness, growth and educational opportunities.
Co-Dependents Anonymous.
Promotes developing healthy relationships.
Red Cross.
Provides information on giving or getting relief.
Provides information and relief for national emergencies.
Divorce Support Page.
Help for divorced adults and their children.
Dr. Irene's Verbal Abuse Site
Recognize verbal abuse and codependency.
Domestic Violence Online.
Your online domestic violence survival kit.
Harrassment Hotline
Find support and ways to end harrassment.
Help Abused Women
Support women that need help.
Help Women of Domestic Violence
Break the silence and give a call.
Information Cult Group By AFF Press.
Information on cults, goups, and psychological factors.
Coalition of more than 150 non-profit organizations for humanitarian assistance.
Freedom From Fear
Resources for anxiety, depression and fear.
International Society for the Study of Dissociation
Guidelines for treating DID in adults.
Law Research
Over 200,000 International Legal Resources.
Medical Search Engines
Online materials pertaining to various medical conditions, needs and resources.
Men And Women Against Domestic Violence.
Internet based coalition that's working together to address domestic violence issues.
National AIDS Hotlines.
Multiple listings for receiving help.
Narcotics Anonymous.
Basic information of offered services.
National Cancer Institute.
Information for professionals, patients, public and mass media.
National Center for PTSD.
U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Broad range of information for veterans, trauma survivors, women and etc.
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Business community can help address these issues.
National Center For Missing And Exploited Children.
Spearheads national efforts to locate and recover missing children and prevent abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation.
Information Hotline 1-410-521-4939.
Online Intergroup Of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Online support.
Outreach Program For Depression
And Anxiety 212-864-5566.
Online Dictionary Of Mental Health.
Definitions to various mental conditions and therapeutic techniques that are used.
Parents Without Partners.
Education devoted to helping, exchanging ideas and support.
Save The Children.
Create positive lasting change in the lives of children in need.
Senior Citizens Resources
Title is descriptive and resources are provided.
Sex Addicts Anonymous.
Sharing hope, strength and help.
Sexual Harassment
Describes what it is by Federal and California Standards from the Law Guru.
Sidran Foundation Online
National nonprofit organization, foundation and press. Devoted to recognition and treatment of trauma-related stress or generated disorders.
Social Phobia, Social Anxiety
A description of the symptoms and other information.
The American Legion National Headquarters.
The world's largest veteran's organization.
The American Red Cross
Providing help worldwide.
The National Victim Center.
Effective resource and advocacy non-profit organization center for victims of crime.
The U.S. Agency for International Development.
U.S. Of America Transactional Analysis Association.
Mission, members, articles.
We Prevent
Take a bite out of crime with the resourceful website.
McGruff Safety Center for Kids
Features activities and info for kids.
Victim Programs To Serve Native Americans.
Very informative site and if more information is needed, there is a toll-free number @ 1-800-627-6872.


Embrace A Survivor